The residence permit is issued for non-citizens of Georgia who want to live in Georgia and have enough funds for living.

Applicants are required to confirm their material compliance. (They have business in Georgia, have a company, have an amount on the account, own real estate, rent an apartment ………)

The residence permit is issued for 1-5 years or perpetual.

If you have a registered company in Georgia and you have a monthly income from your campaign at least $ 300-400, you rent an apartment or someone gives you consent to a residence permit, then you have a high probability that you will get a residence permit.

Instead of the salary you can put on your personal bank account about $ 5000 this amount after receiving a residence permit you can withdraw.

For the first time, a residence permit is issued for a period of one year.


To obtain a residence permit, you must fill out a questionnaire in the house of justice, have a passport and a notarized translation of the passport and documents confirming the financial situation.